A next generation quantitative DeFi fund.

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Our approach

Navigating crypto made simple.

We won’t give you 10x in a given year. Instead, we use market-making, lending, borrowing, arbitrage, and dynamic hedging strategies to generate predictable returns while minimizing risk.

Bridging DeFi and CeFi

Leveraging centralized exchanges to hedge on-chain positions.

Quantitative Risk Management

Hedge & insure to protect against price and smart contract risk.

Intelligent Portfolio Design

Continuous strategy development and optimization to enhance yield.

Our investment products.

Crypto Fund 1

Market-neutral USD fund

Ethereum Fund

Yield-generating staked ETH fund


Our team.

Founded by former CEO of Top Hat Mike Silagadze, the team’s ultimate mission is to provide everyone with the power to create wealth.

About us

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