Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (CCO)

Our mission at Gadze Finance is to provide everyone with the power to create wealth.

We want to become the leading financial platform in crypto that enables access to great returns for millions of users. Gadze Finance is a next-generation crypto DeFi fund that offers intelligent asset management to investors. We use a unique recipe of yield farming, liquidity provisioning, and arbitrage strategies to generate predictable returns while minimizing risk to investors.


About this role:

The Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (CCO) will be responsible for initiating, developing and maintaining our strategic compliance programs, policies and procedures. , establishing processes for accountability and transparency, particularly in emerging and evolving risk areas, such as those associated with financial transactions, crypto security, human resources and legal. The ideal candidate will possess the analytical acumen, superior communication skills, and sound business judgment to mitigate or eliminate the risk in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. The CCO will report directly to the CEO.



  • Executing and implementing platform-wide risk management policy as well as maintaining compliance programs
  • Set up custody as well as company regulations and risk programmes globally
  • Extensive knowledge and familiarity with the prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism (AML/CFT). Ensures that qualified staff and adequate systems are in place for compliance with AML/CFT
  • Responsible for developing and improving company policies and standards to outline ethical, safe, and efficient procedures
  • Leading and managing Gadze Finance’s enterprise risk management process, including providing oversight and strategic guidance in identifying, managing, and mitigating risks
  • Responsible for the effective management of an organization’s ethics and government compliance programs
  • Managing investigations into wrongdoing and anything that violates regulatory/legal requirements
    Providing in house legal liaison where needed and managing relationships with any external law services
  • Maintain a strong working knowledge of regulatory requirements and lead the process to ensure any developments are incorporated into procedures and practices
  • Meet regularly with the investors and key stakeholders within the business and lead risk committees



  • Expertise in Sanctions (OFAC, UN, EU), compliance laws, rules, regulations, and risks
  • Expertise in Anti- Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) and sanctions regulations and risks
  • Experience in managing regulatory exams and relationships with examiners, auditors, etc.
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements including local and US laws, international and industry standards
  • A degree in Quantitative Finance, Mathematics, Physics, or other science disciplines
  • Experience sitting in a CRO or CCO position for an asset manager or investment bank will be advantageous
  • 1-2 years industry experience working with crypto-assets
  • Previous track record working within an operational risk & technological risk experience (Exchange, Financial, Credit, Market is a bonus)
  • Experience setting-up custody and the risks involved in doing so
  • Strong understanding of regulations related to trading Crypto
  • Strong understanding of derivatives in other markets with the ability to transfer experience and knowledge into the crypto market
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate complex problems and solutions through concise and clear messaging


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